Top 20 Overall Rankings

(List is in the process of being organized from 1 to 20. The current list is of our all time favorite coffee shops that we have visited and are going to be rearranging as we compute the final ranking scores)

  1. Reborn (Brea, CA. US)
  2. Pilgrims (Holy Island, UK)
  3. Flat White Cafe (Durham England, UK)
  4. Aroma Cafe (Marcala, Honduras)
  5. Keans (Newport Beach CA, US)
  6. River Rock Roasting Co. (La Verkin, UT. US)
  7. The Big Rock Cafe (Porthmadog, UK)
  8. Intelligentsia (Venice, CA. US)
  9. Portola Coffee Lab (Costa Mesa, CA. US)
  10. States Coffee (Martinez, CA. US)
  11. Hidden House Coffee (San Juan Capistrano, CA. US)
  12. Panama Bay Coffee Co. (Livermore, CA. US)
  13. URTH Cafe (Laguna Beach, CA. US)
  14. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters (La Jolla, CA. US)
  15. Birch Coffee (NY, NY. US)
  16. Stumptown Coffee Roasters (LA, CA. US)
  17. The Grove on Forest  (Laguna Beach, CA. US)
  18. Bear Coast Coffee (San Clemente, CA. USA)
  19. Neighborly Coffee (San Juan Capistrano, CA. US)
  20. The Press Espresso (Temecula, CA. USA)