Reborn Coffee in Corona Del Mar, CA

On Saturday morning at 7 am, May 18th, 2019 a long-anticipated event happened along Pacific Coast Hwy in Corona Del Mar, CA.

Reborn Coffee opened it’s doors to the excitement of this crazy, latte-loving couple who became the official “First in line – first to purchase customers!”

This may not seem to most as a big deal? But to us, this moment will be etched into our memories as one of the highlights in our pilgrimage of discovering the best tasting lattes on the planet! The reason it’s so amazing is the fact that, in all our travels around the globe, Reborn Coffee, who we currently have ranked as our “Top Tasting Latte” opened up just a few miles from our house!!!

We had a funny scare, someone walked in before us
but they ended up just asking when they would be open?

Great location in Corona Del Mar, Ca

Loved the layout of the shop, the decor, and their Reborn Coffee motto #truth


While I was talking to Shelby, one of the managers, he offered me a sample of their award winning Cold Brew’s (Reborn Coffee Roasters were voted #1 Best Cold brew in both 2017 & 2018)

I had the Ethiopian, single origin cold brew.

It was so smooth and rich with all the robust flavors but without any of the acidity you would normally find having a regular hot coffee. #highlyrecommend

There are 2 main reasons that we have placed Reborn Coffee as #1 in our “Top 20 Latte Rankings

  1. Reborn uses Sprouted Coffee, which is an added step they implement to “Activate” the coffee beans using a controlled environment chamber to preserve optimal conditions in which the distinctive rich and smooth tasting notes are formed. (click here to learn more)
  2. Magnetized water filtering system! The simple term would be this: Untreated water comes in random sized clusters, small medium and large particles. What the Magienzer filter does is breaks all the water particles down to a uniform, nano cluster size. This creates the base for an extremely smooth cup of coffee.


We want to give a BIG Thank you to co-owner, Andrea Sotomayor, for bringing Reborn Coffee to Corona Del Mar! We will prove to be your biggest supporters and we want to wish you and your awesome team much success!

Reborn Coffee
2933 E. Coast Hwy
Corona del Mar, CA 92625

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